Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Take 5 ....

I have been designing and preparing the secret mission. I now have a few days 'free', (well apart from going to work that is!). So what did I do? Had a look at my yarn stash, patterns, knitting and crochet mags, and half finished projects - AND PANICKED!!!

Thinking to myself, 'This isn't done, this isn't finished. I want to use this, do this, make this, I've had this yarn for ages etc. ' Then I thought SO WHAT!! Get a grip woman!!! So unless I have been 'contracted' to make something, (which is always of my own choice anyway)! I will do what I want!! When I want, with what I want!! Na na na na na ...

As I crafter I do get panicky at times, trying to achieve impossible targets, forgetting the pitfalls that can occur in life, your time may be used up doing other things etc. Last week I had an ear and sinus infection all I did was work and sleep, it was all I could do at the time! We have relationships, we have families we have a life!

The 'magic calming fairy' has put a key in my back and slowly started to unwind me .... Knitting and crochet should be pleasure, passion, creative expression, love not PRESSURE!

So the cardigan in my last blog will not be finished right now, I am not in the right frame of mind to do it, but I will finish it sometime!

Has anyone else ever felt the same, please let me know I am not alone in this!

Sermon over for today tweakers, peace love and tranquility to all
take care,
lots of love,
Cathy x

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Queen of the froggers said...

You are not alone!!! I hope you are feeling better now.