Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Shrug it off!!!

Hi fellow tweakers,

Well, as previously more or less predicted the Bon Jovi tickets did not turn up. I am at the moment trying to get a refund. The gig was on Sunday and I am so angry and disappointed! However, it's past now and a valuable lesson on ticket booking is learned!!

I have been quite creative in the last few days, see!!!

My first amigurumi project in progress! Not finished yet. As Rolf Harris would say 'Can you guess what it i s yet?' It's fun and quick to do!

I have also made my own shrug design - voila!!

Well it started off as a shrug and just got longer!!

This was made in Anny Blatt, Cashemir Anny, 85% wool 15%cashmere, and it is GORGEOUS to work with. Will provide more detail soon. Got to go to work. Such is life.

Catch u soon, Cathy x

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