Friday, 25 July 2008

Holidays are coming ..

Hi fellow tweakers, well I am delighted to say that I am going on holiday tomorrow!!! Yeeha!!! So I will be out of touch with the www for one week. I am going to North Wales in a caravan, with my hubby, my kids and a friend of my daughter.

I have spent the last two days sorting out washing, drying and ironing you forget what a pain it is to pack!! Almost done, apart from footwear I am glad to say. If we haven't got it sorted now then it is tough!

One of the hardest things to pack was my knitting/crochet to take with me. I finally decided on a little open knitted wrap I have started in 3ply green, (this could end up frogged and a little crochet wrap instead) and enough kit to do a couple of amigurumi should the mood arise!!

My daughter's friend wants me to teach her how to crochet while we are away which I am delighted to do. I feel its an honour to be able to PASS IT ON!!

The last couple of days of crafting has been very indecisive (that's not like me at all lol, it was a case of start-frog, start-frog!! I have however made a little friend for a little friend, she was born last year - the Chinese year of the pig, and her mother loves pigs, this is just an ornamental pig for her nursery. Little Edith this one's for you ..

Meet Mama Pig!

Mama's side view

Mama's front view

Mama's back view, look at the curl in that

Do you think this hat will be suitable for the WI meeting next week folks!!

Well I'll have to sign off now I need to get some shut eye!!

Catch u all in a week!!

keep tweakin'

love Cathy x

Sunday, 20 July 2008

My first amigurumi ...

Meet Henry he's my first amigurumi, ok I'll admit I've botched up his legs, and he does look like he has had a real fright, but he's kinda cute.

I am looking forward to making more, will have to use a much smaller hook next time, and go easy on the stuffing!! My tension wasn't that good!

Practice makes perfect she says!! When I look at his face I can't help but giggle. The design was based on Annie Obaachan's Amigurumi, - sausage dog!! The book is wonderful I dare anyone not to be inspired. The gallery at the back of the book is a real inspiration!! Well my daughter has fallen for him and wants to keep him.
Amigurumi is an ideal spare yarn user, especially if you have bought just a little expensive yarn to try and don't quite know what to do with it. I am definitely converted and want to do more!

Bye for now

Cathy x

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Materials: 1 x 25gm kidsilk haze Ivory
1 x 25gm kidsilk haze Black
3mm needles
2.5mm circular needle
1 pair of 40cm round black shoelaces


Row 1. Using Ivory and 3mm straight needles cast on 70sts. K1 row.
Rows 2-9. Wk 2 x 2 rib (*K2, P2 rep from* to end)
Row 10. Eyelet row. K2 yfwd K2 tog (K4 yfwd K2tog to end of row)
Rows 11 & 12 knit
Rows 13-16 K in black
Rows 17-22 K in Ivory
Rows 23-25 K in black
Rows 26-28 K in ivory
Rows 29-31 K in black
Rows 32-36 K in ivory
Rows 37-40 K in black
Rows 41-43 K in Ivory
Row 44 Continuing in ivory repeat the eyelet row as in Row 10
Rows 45-52 work in 2x2 rib as before
Row 53 K
Cast off or bind off knitwise

Making up: with right sides together sew up the little bit of seam which you used at the start. Darn in ends. Turn to right side thread through shoe laces.

Aruba Blue Notes: this was made for a large wrist, can be made smaller by casting on fewer stitches. I would suggest 60sts for a medium and 50sts for a small size.


love Cathy x

Friday, 11 July 2008

... a little Beatrix

I went to several charity shops in town today looking for a specific book for my father-in-law. I found the book - and several books for me!! One of them is called The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book by Pat Menchini first published in 1987 this version was published in 1995, take a look at the front cover ..

.... and then closer ..

ok I'll never win prizes for photography but it's still cute ...

Tom Kitten Edwardian sweater and sleeveless top for mother and daughter.

a closer view of the sleeveless, I love this! I'm just sorry the detail hasn't come up very well but you get my drift!! It's very pretty lace made from Patons Cotton Perle on 4mm needles, a 16row pattern, with a 21 stitch panel.

I suppose any glazed cotton DK would do!

This is a closer look at the sleeved sweater, you would definitely need a floaty skirt and boots for this one Renee!!

It has gorgeous picture knits, a christening gown, even a tufted rug with flopsy bunnies on it, with full detailed instructions! Potter fans would love it!! Pass me my hat and parasol and we can go and have afternoon tea!!

I have also been doing more work on Orange Sorbet I have decided it is going to be a wrap of sorts!! Take a look:

... the futures bright, the futures orange!

Bye for now

love Cathy xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Ingredients: 4 x 50gm Anny Blatt Cachemir Anny in Boise
4.50mm (G/6) hook

Tension: Not essential. Try to keep work even throughout. This yarn does drape well and has a slight stretch to it.

Sizing: This is made to fit a 38-40 chest. (to fit this size rectangle should measure 24"w x 27"l)

Method: With 4.5mm (G/6) hook make 106 ch. (This pattern is made up of a multiple of 5 sts + 6).

1st row: Work 1tr, 2ch, 1tr (1dc 2ch 1dc) into 8th ch from hook. *3ch, miss 4ch, wk 1tr, 2ch, 1tr (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) into next ch; rep from * to last 3ch, 2ch 1tr (2ch, 1dc) into last ch, turn

2nd row: 4ch (count as 1dtr tr) miss first 2ch sp, work 5dtr
(tr) into next ch sp *miss 3ch sp, wk 5dtr (tr) into next 2ch sp, rep from * to last sp, miss 2 ch 1dtr (tr) into next ch, turn

3rd row:5ch (count as 1tr, 2ch), (1dc, 2ch) miss first 3dtr (tr) into next dtr (tr) wk (1tr, 2ch, 1tr)
(1dc, 2ch, 1dc) *3ch miss 4dtr (tr), into next dtr (tr) wk (1tr, 2ch, 1tr) (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) rep from* to last 3dtr (tr) 2ch, 1tr (dc) into 4th of 4ch at beg of previous row, turn.

Rep 2nd and 3rd rows until 27" (or length required) has been worked. Fasten off (Bind off).

Making up: Fold rectangle of fabric, cast on and cast off edges should be together with fold opposite. From folded edge leave 7" open (or length required for armhole) and stitch at each side, to form the sides.

Outer Edging: Starting were you want the middle of the collar to be: (you will be working in rounds!)

Wk 1 row tr (dc) evenly around outer edge, join with a ss to first st.
Wk another row of tr (dc) join with ss as before.
Continuing working in 'rounds' wk 1 row in htr (hdc), 1 row in dtr (tr), 1 row in tr (dc) finishing off with 1 row htr (hdc), cast off, (bind off).

Darn in all loose threads.

Aruba Blue Notes:
This pattern was originally not intended for publishing. This is a guide only using a traditional stitched rectangle and a simple edging. Have fun!!x

See y'all soon
Cathy x