Friday, 11 July 2008

... a little Beatrix

I went to several charity shops in town today looking for a specific book for my father-in-law. I found the book - and several books for me!! One of them is called The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book by Pat Menchini first published in 1987 this version was published in 1995, take a look at the front cover ..

.... and then closer ..

ok I'll never win prizes for photography but it's still cute ...

Tom Kitten Edwardian sweater and sleeveless top for mother and daughter.

a closer view of the sleeveless, I love this! I'm just sorry the detail hasn't come up very well but you get my drift!! It's very pretty lace made from Patons Cotton Perle on 4mm needles, a 16row pattern, with a 21 stitch panel.

I suppose any glazed cotton DK would do!

This is a closer look at the sleeved sweater, you would definitely need a floaty skirt and boots for this one Renee!!

It has gorgeous picture knits, a christening gown, even a tufted rug with flopsy bunnies on it, with full detailed instructions! Potter fans would love it!! Pass me my hat and parasol and we can go and have afternoon tea!!

I have also been doing more work on Orange Sorbet I have decided it is going to be a wrap of sorts!! Take a look:

... the futures bright, the futures orange!

Bye for now

love Cathy xx

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