Friday, 29 February 2008

Pots, spills and drills...

Sorry not had much time for crafting or blogging of late. Work has been predominant with a stocktake.
Had a really rough day yesterday, had root canal dental treatment, wasn't as bad as the last time I had it done but still - not nice!!
My lovely friend Sue had a fall - hope you are feeling better, love.
It was the first anniversary of the passing of my lovely friend June. I broke a roasting pot which belonged to my late Mum which upset me greatly. It happened to be full of hot stock and I burned my arm in the process. What a mess it made, I mopped up the floor three times....
Time to draw a line under yesterday I think!!!

On the crafting front the crochet afghan is now on a circular needle and is a knitted afghan. Having had nothing on the needles for a while I decided to switch!!! (Ooops I frogged again, but only a little!!)

I have finished the baby shawl. To make a change from the traditional fringe, I crocheted lengths of chain and attached them like you would a tassle, to give a funkier feel!! I used Sirdar Wash n wear double crepe, it may not feel as soft as 'baby' yarn, but on the practical side it will wash, and wash, and wash!!

As anyone managed to purchase lots of Jaegar yarn? I have tried but the quantities I wanted were not available, which is a shame as its lovely yarn and sold at sale prices now obviously.
I have had a little buying spree and bought these two lovely yarns.

Laines Du Nord Cashsilk, shade number 8. Aran weight yarn. It has a wonderful lustre to it!! It looks like a joy to work with!

.... and some RYC Cashcotton DK. I feel a 'summer scumble' coming on, maybe.

Will have to sign off now, got loads of housework to catch up on, and a mammoth amount of crafting to do.

Catch you all soon

Love Aruba xx

Monday, 18 February 2008


Apologies for the state of the layout of my blog I just can't seem to get it right today!!

Hearts and ladybirds ..

I had a lovely Valentine's day my hubby and I went for a walk in the local park. Then we called at a local craft shop on the way home. Someone at work told me that they had started to sell yarn. What more incentive does a crafter need to explore?

Guess what they didn't stock yarn but I did buy .... a piece of cotton sateen, some embroidery thread and a cat picture. I haven't embroidered for years, so when the mood takes me I have a project.

I also found some lovely mother of pearl heart buttons and some ladybirds ..

Lets see if we can get a close up of the ladybirds..

sorry can't don't know how to do it ..

I also ordered some Angel Yarns angora to make a cape for my work's 'do'. It arrived late, but the Siena worked much better anyway. What shall I do with the angora now, its too nice to return, I'm sure I'll think of something!!! Its soooo pretty!!!

I have had to start making a baby shawl, my friend at work left to have a baby on Saturday, the pregnancy has flown by, the stork will be here before we know it.

I have found a cute crochet pattern for a toy owl I thought it would be nice for her little three year old daughter. She won't feel as left out if she has something to unwrap too!! I have two little baby girls to knit for, something for Easter would go down well I think! Got to get on to it more photo's soon!!

I have started to read a new book Playing Away by Alex Parks. It isn't something I would go for it was free with a magazine. It says on the front, 'the closest you'll get to an affair, without actually having one', its a real page turner. I was reading it in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, turned to look at my sleeping hubby and thought - no way man I wouldn't swap you for anything! Still loved up after Valentine's day I guess!!!

Catch u all soon

Keep tweakin

love Aruba xx

Monday, 11 February 2008

Spotlight on Martha ..

At last a few pics of Martha apologies for the photo colour quality, at least its an improvement on ORANGE!!
A back view - not brilliant in detail but it does give a good interpretation of the shape, I wanted to make sure that the bottom edge was uneven to give a funkier feel!!
I made a pleat effect on the back to give it more shape.

A close up of the collar, just made in shaped treble (double crochet). Fastened with a wooden sock dpn, I think it works quite well. The sleeves were also done in shaped treble (double crochet)

A close up of the beading, just to accentuate the jacket a little. If you take a good look at the back view(on the left side) you can see how the beading catches the light.

A few more patterns with the beading ...
Probably the most accurate representation of the colour of the jacket is the back view. How does it happen that photographs taken within seconds of each other turn out to be different shades. Doh!!

It was a delight to make as it just evolved, to start with I had no idea how it would go. It has taken around two months, inbetween other projects.

A nosey old lady called Biscuit. She is a little camera shy I had to fight to get this picture. Shes the oldest of the girls, we have two more called Spice and Jinksy!!


A close look at the afghan I am making at the mo. Its a very easy ripple stitch, (again with aran yarn which I bought an age ago) on a 7.5mm, wooden Surina hook which I treated myself to. This is for my teenage daughter, who doesn't want anything girlie!! Pink would be the ultimate insult.

Its an ideal one for watching something really interesting on television, its so simple. That doesn't mean that I don't have to frog a few stitches every now and then ..

I want to knit something too but am undecided right now. I have had a bit of 'crocheters block' these last few days, am trying to design for knitonthenet, I have known what I wanted to do but it just wouldn't gel. Things seem to be coming together now and the fog is clearing a little. It helped to take my mind off it for a few days- so I started the afghan.

I used to always work on one project at a time, sometimes really struggling with things, feeling pressured to get them finished, before I felt justified in starting something new. I have realised now that it is far more productive to have several on the go, I call it 'mood knitting' (or crochet).This way is less frustrating and more enjoyable. Well thats my sermon for the day, says me. Catch you all soon. Keep at it.

Love Aruba xx

Monday, 4 February 2008

Meet Martha ..

The Martha scumble jacket is finally finished. Stayed up till 1am this morning. Watched most of the film Million Dollar Baby had to turn it off it was too depressing for crochet!!

Apologies for the photo quality I really need to adjust the settings on my camera and haven't got a clue what I'm doing. (I have lost the instruction leaflet, doh!!!!) I have spent ages today trying to sort it out. I am getting really frustrated with it. Feel like I've been banging my head in a brick wall!! Fantastic detailed photos came out but they were ORANGE!!!

I will try to get some decent pictures for the next blog, there is so much detail in the design that NEEDS to be shown.

It was made with Sirdar Aran with wool and a 4.50mm hook. It took around 900gms.
I did a bit of beading on it last night just to accentuate the curved shape a little. I couldn't find the fastening I wanted so I have used a sock length dpn, it works though!!

I have done small scumble samples before but never on a scale like this. Would definitely do another one. Its very addictive, once you start as you can make any stitch or combinations of stitches in any direction you choose!!

I have worn it today and had positive feedback from colleagues. It's very warm to wear!!

Catch u soon

Love Aruba xx

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Transformation in progress ....

Just got a photo of the finished shawl, on the model so to speak, whaddaya think?

St Helens 38 Wakefield 22 at Knowsley Road. Well done lads!!
Now I'll finish getting ready ...
laters..... love Aruba x

A little piece of me ...

Currently putting the finishing touches to the scumble to add a bit of ooomph!!! All crocheting and sewing up is done. It is quite heavy and it will provide some substantial much needed warmth right now.

If you are seriously into crochet check out Annies Attic on the web, it has some beautiful inspirational designs. Unfortunately they are not shipping orders to the UK right now, I hope they do sooon!!

Listening to 'whole lotta Rosie' by AC/DC, was feeling quite tired now I'm fired up, rock always does that to me!!

I've added a picture of my tattoo, the little black sunflower. I chose it because of my love of calligraphy and I'm partial to sunflowers they always cheer me up! :)

Will have to get ready for the 'Christmas work's do' shortly!! Have had my hair done looks quite funky, I asked for a load of spray because of the weather.

Catch you soon, the party animal needs to get ready ......

love Aruba xx