Saturday, 2 February 2008

A little piece of me ...

Currently putting the finishing touches to the scumble to add a bit of ooomph!!! All crocheting and sewing up is done. It is quite heavy and it will provide some substantial much needed warmth right now.

If you are seriously into crochet check out Annies Attic on the web, it has some beautiful inspirational designs. Unfortunately they are not shipping orders to the UK right now, I hope they do sooon!!

Listening to 'whole lotta Rosie' by AC/DC, was feeling quite tired now I'm fired up, rock always does that to me!!

I've added a picture of my tattoo, the little black sunflower. I chose it because of my love of calligraphy and I'm partial to sunflowers they always cheer me up! :)

Will have to get ready for the 'Christmas work's do' shortly!! Have had my hair done looks quite funky, I asked for a load of spray because of the weather.

Catch you soon, the party animal needs to get ready ......

love Aruba xx

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