Monday, 11 February 2008

Spotlight on Martha ..

At last a few pics of Martha apologies for the photo colour quality, at least its an improvement on ORANGE!!
A back view - not brilliant in detail but it does give a good interpretation of the shape, I wanted to make sure that the bottom edge was uneven to give a funkier feel!!
I made a pleat effect on the back to give it more shape.

A close up of the collar, just made in shaped treble (double crochet). Fastened with a wooden sock dpn, I think it works quite well. The sleeves were also done in shaped treble (double crochet)

A close up of the beading, just to accentuate the jacket a little. If you take a good look at the back view(on the left side) you can see how the beading catches the light.

A few more patterns with the beading ...
Probably the most accurate representation of the colour of the jacket is the back view. How does it happen that photographs taken within seconds of each other turn out to be different shades. Doh!!

It was a delight to make as it just evolved, to start with I had no idea how it would go. It has taken around two months, inbetween other projects.

A nosey old lady called Biscuit. She is a little camera shy I had to fight to get this picture. Shes the oldest of the girls, we have two more called Spice and Jinksy!!


A close look at the afghan I am making at the mo. Its a very easy ripple stitch, (again with aran yarn which I bought an age ago) on a 7.5mm, wooden Surina hook which I treated myself to. This is for my teenage daughter, who doesn't want anything girlie!! Pink would be the ultimate insult.

Its an ideal one for watching something really interesting on television, its so simple. That doesn't mean that I don't have to frog a few stitches every now and then ..

I want to knit something too but am undecided right now. I have had a bit of 'crocheters block' these last few days, am trying to design for knitonthenet, I have known what I wanted to do but it just wouldn't gel. Things seem to be coming together now and the fog is clearing a little. It helped to take my mind off it for a few days- so I started the afghan.

I used to always work on one project at a time, sometimes really struggling with things, feeling pressured to get them finished, before I felt justified in starting something new. I have realised now that it is far more productive to have several on the go, I call it 'mood knitting' (or crochet).This way is less frustrating and more enjoyable. Well thats my sermon for the day, says me. Catch you all soon. Keep at it.

Love Aruba xx

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Anonymous said...

I love the pin - it really goes well with the green of the wool. Can you get hold of a wooden one that wouldn't stab you? And I love the crocheted flowers.