Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Work in progress ......

..... haven't done a great deal of crafting the last couple of days. Been workin. Did manage to finish one sock, and started its partner!!!! Could be a useful thing to always have on the needles, very compact to travel with, did a little at lunchtime today.

When I finally get to grips with my digital camera will put some photo's on the web. As usual my head has been buzzin with new ideas, but I really need to finish at least a couple of things in progress first.

I would love to be able to design and craft all day, but need to work - such is life.

A couple of girls at work saw my designs on the web, got some nice feedback!! The cot blanket I made is for a friend at work, she love's it. A client told me this joke 'Why are women stronger than men, because they carry ladders in their tights'. Sorry about that but its the only 'family' joke I know.

Havent read much more of the Julian book. Going to watch a film in peace now, the rest of theclan are watching the sports channel. Have a day off tomorrow should get some decent crafting done.

Keep clickin those needles

Bye for now

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Feelin champion!!!!

What a result 30-8!!! FANTASTIC!!

Still feelin the buzz from the match

Not much knitting done today, but I have finished my raspberry tea cosy, looks really funky!!! Managed to do a few rows of my crochet cream cardi.

Found a few half finished projects in my yarn stash today which I had forgotten about.

  • A red slipover partly started for my bloke, no pattern with it - think it is out of a magazine which I have packed away somewhere. That one is definitely on the backburner till I find it .... dizzy or what!!!
  • A green mix 3/4 sleeve sweater in Dune which I have a pattern for and its just garter stitch because its very textured, detailed knitting would be wasted on it. It's one I can pick up when watching something really engrossing on tele.!!!!
  • ... and a black mix very fluffy slipover which I had started last winter and forgot about - doh!!!!!
Last nite started to read 'A young man's passage' by Julian Clary, always liked him, far too fit to be gay!!!! The man's a nutter a good, funny read so far .... just debating whether to watch a film and do a bit of the green sweater. Don't want to stay up tooo late I am working 2morrow after having 8 days off.

Well I'll sign off for now,

Catch u all sooon

Friday, 24 August 2007


Hi everyone

Feelin quite chilled. Knitting, posting and watchin Midsomer Murders at mo. Went to York for the weekend, found a great woolshop, hadnt got the time to browse at leisure, decided to go back the following day and they were closed. Temporarily gutted I was!!!! They are on the net, but it gives me the perfect excus
e for another weekend in York soon!! (Sheepish in The Shambles).

Everytime I go away I look for a wool shop and have done for years, drives my kids scatty.

Current projects are:
  • knittin a raspberry tea cosy from Laughing Hens, actually finished the knittin bit today only needs making up. It is one funky way to have a cuppa, have previously knit the strawberry one for a gift. They are really sweet!

  • At the weekend I started to knit a pair of socks with yarn from Fibrespates, lovely stuff very tactile, on a circular needle of course... this is still a work in progress, thought it would be boring but its not and knits up surprisingly quickly.

  • designin one of my own patterns will not comment on this until it is finished, and believe me it has to be just right.

  • Oh and another one I nearly forgot, I am crochetin an open cream coloured cardigan for a gift!
Four things on the go at once is about right for me, I have to mood craft, dont like being forced to finish one thing at once, takes all the joy out of it for me!!

Have also read a book this week, one of my old favourites Sidney Sheldon's, The Other Side of Midnight, read it years ago and its still not lost its magic for me.

Tomorrow my heroes, St Helens Rugby League are playing the final at Wembley, its very unlikely that I
will get any crafting done during the match, dont want to miss a thing. Catch u
all soon.

Happy knitting,
Oh and one last thing .....


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Chuffed or what!!!

Having been obsessed with yarn from the age of 6. I now have the pleasure of seeing three of my designs on my friends website.
I still cannot quite believe it.
It feels awesome!!

Please visit
it is a really good magazine too!!