Saturday, 25 August 2007

Feelin champion!!!!

What a result 30-8!!! FANTASTIC!!

Still feelin the buzz from the match

Not much knitting done today, but I have finished my raspberry tea cosy, looks really funky!!! Managed to do a few rows of my crochet cream cardi.

Found a few half finished projects in my yarn stash today which I had forgotten about.

  • A red slipover partly started for my bloke, no pattern with it - think it is out of a magazine which I have packed away somewhere. That one is definitely on the backburner till I find it .... dizzy or what!!!
  • A green mix 3/4 sleeve sweater in Dune which I have a pattern for and its just garter stitch because its very textured, detailed knitting would be wasted on it. It's one I can pick up when watching something really engrossing on tele.!!!!
  • ... and a black mix very fluffy slipover which I had started last winter and forgot about - doh!!!!!
Last nite started to read 'A young man's passage' by Julian Clary, always liked him, far too fit to be gay!!!! The man's a nutter a good, funny read so far .... just debating whether to watch a film and do a bit of the green sweater. Don't want to stay up tooo late I am working 2morrow after having 8 days off.

Well I'll sign off for now,

Catch u all sooon

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