Thursday, 15 October 2009

Disappointment ...

Hi fellow tweakers,
just a little note today to say how sad I felt yesterday. We have been away to the Lake District for a few days and gorgeous it was too!!! Apart from one thing, as it is a different way of life in 'The Lakes' it is the country, and you do not see as many shops as you see in the towns. I of course, wanted to visit a wool shop, (as usual).

We went to a beautiful place and I saw a sign......
I was so 'excited' at the prospect of a new adventure!!!!

then I turned a corner and saw this ......
a poor empty shop, another victim of the times, it made me feel so sad!!! The proprietors probably felt, and still feel, as passionate about crafting as I do.

Lets hope that the economy picks up soon!!!

keep tweaking
catch u soon
love Cathy x