Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Freshers Week

Hi fellow tweakers,

I got through my first week at Uni!!!! Yay!!!! I am totally inspired, impressed and raring to go!! I have met new friends and joined a couple of societies - as you do!! Yesterday we had our first lecture, the old grey matter is starting to circulate a bit.

I am still working on a few things in the creative sector as it were! The 'Autumn Berries' cushion cover is nearly finished. I've started an aran jumper for my lovely Steve in a gorgeous deep red, I will photograph it when I have done a substantial amount. Starting off in the pattern was really strange, had to frog a couple of times just couldn't get it right. It's yonks since I knit aran! In my previous blogs I mentioned the Sirdar Blur in green I had bought so I made a little something!!!!

I have a friend Chloe who has just gone to University in Aberystwyth, Wales, to study 'genetics' I thought she might need a companion to sit by her pc as she worked, check out 'Bobbie Bacteria', he's made mainly in Blur with a couple of scraps for other bits!! He is a very simple amigurumi shape, I've put polyester beads in the bottom to make him stand up properly but he does tend to be a bit of a rogue still!!

I am working on other ideas and have loads to do at present, will keep ewe posted!!!

love Cathy x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Every ones a fluffy one .....

Hi fellow tweakers,

This is 'Fluffy Dennis', all finished - not frogged, for a change lol. It seemed to take ages to make but it certainly kept my legs warm, hope my young Emo friend is pleased with it. It came out much longer than I anticipated, it should look fab with leggings.

Today I have gotten rid of my red locks and had loads of blonde hilights put in. Will have to change my blog picture - watch this space!!

I am toying with the idea of what to do with some Sirdar Blur I have in my stash. Its a lovely green colour. Have been playing around with it but havent quite decided what to make. I have to say though it is a beast to undo!!! - wish me luck!!!

Catch ewe soon
keep tweaking
love Cathy x

Friday, 27 August 2010

Fluffy Dennis, Autumn Berries, new start ....

Hi fellow tweakers,

Yeh I know, I am the worst, most irregular blogger on the planet lol!!! Despite not having blogged again for yonks I have been knitting and crocheting like crazy, always having at least one thing on the go. These are two of the most recent:

Meet Fluffy Dennis:

This is a stripey mohair 'Dennis the Menace' like 80's style jumper. The red yarn is a vintage 1970/80's one I managed to find on ebay. I think it is a worsted weight its certainly quite thick for a sports weight. The black yarn is a sports weight, both yarns seem to work well, on 4mm needles the difference in thickness adds texture to the sweater. It is going to be a one size, quite a baggy long number, for a young 'Emo' friend. (I did have another photo, guess what I accidentally deleted it!!!)

and Autumn Berries:

This is going to be a scumble cushion cover. It is made of Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, on a 4mm crochet hook, as Noro fans will know this yarn is incredible!! All these beautiful colours in one skein - magic!!

This is a little 3D effect flower, with a little crocheted centre bead .... and theres more!

I have really stretched this photo out. You can actually see the variants of thickness and shading even in one colour. Don't you want to touch it?

On a personal note I have now finished work to pursue a degree at University!!! I am really excited and scared at the same time. My dizzy personality (self admitted) will help to bond with the youngsters, my teens reckon I will just fit in great because I'm mad!!!

Bye for now,
take care ya'll
Cathy xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Berries and Key Lime with Savannah and Scottie...

Hi Everyone,

Even though I haven't been blogging I have been very busy with one thing and another, life took over in a big way!! Haven't done as much crafting as I would have liked, I seemed to have lost my mojo for a little while.

The Make, do and Knit fair in Liverpool, proved to be the catalyst in my recreativity, had a fabulous weekend with the knitonthenet team. Ended up thoroughly knackered, but absolutely fired up with ideas.

Here are some of my recently completed projects - read on ..

This bag is made from a kit by Ingrid Wagner, who was at the fair. I called it Scottie Bag as the orange colours have a slight plaid in them.
The kit includes 2 balls of 'yarn' and a huge crochet hook complete with pattern. I altered the pattern slightly and made different handles, it is fabulous, very hardwearing, and is soooo quick to make, a real instant gratification job. Cheers Ingrid I will do more of these!!

This is Berries Shawl my own design in Sirdar Escape. Just a simple filet stitch rectangle with a loopy fringe, its so warm and cosy, and can be draped in different ways to suit my ever changing moods - lol.

Meet Savannah the lovely little number from 'The Knitter'. Made in Patons, Trentino dk. Of course I had to alter this pattern as well, didn't fancy picking up the stitches for the lacy edging, so I crocheted them instead. This made a surprisingly lightweight but warm shrug.

This next one is called Key Lime and is a WIP. Made from Stylecraft, Sirocco - a linen and cotton blend. The photos do not represent the colour very well it is a definite lime, hence the name. It is quite heavy but I am looking forward to finishing it and of course wearing it!

Bye for now, love Cathy x

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Farewell Old Girl....

Hi everyone

We had a very sad event yesterday. Our eldest cat Biscuit (aged 18 years and 10 months) was taken to the vets and we decided it was 'time'. The poor girl had either liver or heart failure, causing her frail body to swell. Her suffering was apparent and it was the last kindness we could do for her.

I took her and stayed with her, it was very hard to do but had to be done. The family is very upset especially my Steve, she was his baby.

RIP little one, I hope you are as fiesty in heaven as you were with us. We love you. God Bless.

Bye for now tweakers
take care
love Cathy x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Picture postcards ...

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for not blogging for 'yonks' (a local term for a long time). I put myself under too much pressure trying to do everything, long hours at work and college assignments have inhibited my creative juices. Thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes I received on Ravelry (for the 7th January) they warmed my heart, a belated and sincere HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!

We are virtually snowbound - a slight exaggeration, we are not as bad as some parts of the country, walking and travel are hazardous. I choose to hibernate. I am not the steadiest person on my pins at the best of times, to put me on icy paths would be very very risky!!

How beautiful is this.

As my friend Susan will tell you, despite the hazards, I love to tread on 'virgin' snow, fresh snow untouched, I love to make childlike footprints - guilty pleasures or what!!
I now have a week off work - YEEHA!!!!!!

I want to play with yarn, and watch movies and just C H I L L O U T!! (Pardon the pun!!!)

I really like this:

Recession Ruffle
by Henrietta Dups from

A perfect stash buster, a quick and easy project.

I am going to sign off now. I feel the need to design, create and PLAY!!!!!

Bye for now, catch you soon.
Happy tweaking!! xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Disappointment ...

Hi fellow tweakers,
just a little note today to say how sad I felt yesterday. We have been away to the Lake District for a few days and gorgeous it was too!!! Apart from one thing, as it is a different way of life in 'The Lakes' it is the country, and you do not see as many shops as you see in the towns. I of course, wanted to visit a wool shop, (as usual).

We went to a beautiful place and I saw a sign......
I was so 'excited' at the prospect of a new adventure!!!!

then I turned a corner and saw this ......
a poor empty shop, another victim of the times, it made me feel so sad!!! The proprietors probably felt, and still feel, as passionate about crafting as I do.

Lets hope that the economy picks up soon!!!

keep tweaking
catch u soon
love Cathy x