Thursday, 15 October 2009

Disappointment ...

Hi fellow tweakers,
just a little note today to say how sad I felt yesterday. We have been away to the Lake District for a few days and gorgeous it was too!!! Apart from one thing, as it is a different way of life in 'The Lakes' it is the country, and you do not see as many shops as you see in the towns. I of course, wanted to visit a wool shop, (as usual).

We went to a beautiful place and I saw a sign......
I was so 'excited' at the prospect of a new adventure!!!!

then I turned a corner and saw this ......
a poor empty shop, another victim of the times, it made me feel so sad!!! The proprietors probably felt, and still feel, as passionate about crafting as I do.

Lets hope that the economy picks up soon!!!

keep tweaking
catch u soon
love Cathy x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

New Creations

.... from knitonthenet.issue9!!

I have had the pleasure of working with JustCallMeRuby, on this beautiful creation for knitonthenets latest issue. Meet Joplin!! A crocheted collar and cuffs on an old sweater, ribbon binding and a button, it really looks like new.

Meet Martha,

Martha was my Nan (Dad's Mum) we lost her when I was 21.
She was a lady, a real girly girl!! This kind of filet crochet would have sat well on her walnut dressing table, with her powder puff, her silver backed hairbrush, and her Chanel No5. To this day when I smell powder compacts I think of her.

When she was a young
woman she crocheted altar cloths for her local Methodist parish
church where she also played the organ.

I wonder what you would make of this little offering Nan, fond memories, always xx

..... and then theres Lillie!!

A Victorian classic, lace edging on towels they look so elegant, just like Lillie Langtree, eh Ruby!!

Bye for now tweakers,
love Cathy xx

Friday, 21 August 2009

... and there's more!!

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in my last blog photos of the white version of Sheara!! The only difference is the knitting sample, on this one it is plain and on the
other its cabled.

Meet 'The Wise Lady', mistress of all she surveys, checking out one of our many bookcases.
She is a gift for a young lady at work who celebrates her 21st this month. Happy Birthday Laurel!!

Laurel asked for a 'seventies' owl. I decided to make a french punk girl!! She has random safety pins and buttons on her jacket, and a little on her beret!!

Ooh la la indeed!!

Blue Moon Jumper is finished!!
The pattern is an old Tivoli one I found in my stash. It's very warm and ultra comfy!!

The details do not show up very well as the yarn is varigated, I used Sirdar Denim dk.

The close up of the neck is a little better.

I have taken a photo of Tropicana, a jumper I finished a couple of months ago. Made in Snuggly Bubbly baby yarn with the odd dk stripe out of my stash. I used a standard dk plain pattern, (of which I cannot remember the exact one I used!!! ) Then I jazzed it up made the v neck deeper, its a modern take on an eighties dropped sleeve.
The v neck
is crocheted!
Just a strip of dc(sc) made slightly longer than the v neck so that it will overlap.

I really need to make more notes as I work; I rely too much on memory, which sometimes has the capacity of a sieve. I forget which pattern, which variation, which needle. A lesson learned as I really like this jumper and would have loved to do another, without necessarily starting again from scratch!!!

Well thats all for today fellow tweakers, keep at it.

Love Cathy xx

Monday, 17 August 2009

Back on the radar .....

Well hello there - I'm back,

I lost my camera a few months ago - hence no blogging!! I have a feeling it is in my home somewhere, so eventually it will turn up. I have since changed my phone and it has a pretty decent camera on it so the girl is back!!

I have done a lot of knitting and crochet in that time and have managed to capture some of the items.

This is 'Sheara the Sheep'..

This is my own design isn't she cute!!
I have also made a white sheep, photo to follow soon.

This is fiddly to make but very rewarding!!

I am quite proud of this one!!

My original 'Sheara' was knitted and crocheted, but this is all knitted!!

I have also made this ....
Lucy Ladybird, for a friend at work!!
This is all crocheted. Using kidsilk night and plain black yarn with a little beading on the top.

When I looked at photos of
ladybirds, it said that all
ladybirds have an odd
number of spots, so she

When making amigurumi I like to give them a quirky look
hence the huge eyes!!

This is Blue Moon jumper still in progress, I am on the second sleeve as we speak ..

This is a simple v neck, 3/4 sleeve. The back is all double moss st and the sleeves and front have a cable and a slight 'aran' feel to them.
I thought it necessary to start my winter woolies!!

Bye for now
Cathy x

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Just for Mary ...

Hi fellow tweakers,

My dear Auntie Mary is sadly suffering from small cell lung cancer. When she recently had surgery she met a nurse, who had trouble knitting up a teddy bear. She offered to help and I completed it for her, check this out ..

Cute or what!!

It is made from Wendy Shimmer using Wendy pattern no. 5068.

I have also been getting ready for Easter in my house. For years I have promised myself a basket full of eggs, (and for once not the chocolate variety)!!

I have used polystyrene egg shapes and just crocheted around them using htr(hdc) oddments of yarn, and a few beads sewn on.

From top left:
  • a boucle multi base colour black (dk weight)
  • a fluffy fuchia oddment (dk weight)
  • a Twilleys goldfingering in green
  • a soft pastel stripy effort in dk
  • a cerise pink with pale pink and white stripes embroidered in chain stitch (dk weight)
  • a lively lemon dk with clear beads randomly sewn on (dk weight)
  • a soft lime with green long beads randomly sewn on (dk weight)
and last but not least, a little number in Kidsilk Haze, with spikey stripes.

I am now off work for a whole nine days!!!!!! As I have been doing a college course I have homework to do. I also want to knit and crochet all the time.

Catch you all soon with more finished projects, (hopefully).
Love Cathy xx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Hi folks,

Once again I have had the honour of designing for knitonthenet, the current 8th Issue is gorgeous, glam and sexy!!

This is Monroe which I designed. I have tried several times to knit with lace weight yarn and found it terribly frustrating. There are some absolutely beautiful knitted shawls in lace weight, but they had me beaten - until I tried to crochet with it. I have definitely found it much, much easier to crochet with, hence the result!!

The crocheted fabric feels warm, and has stretch and body despite its lightness, and openess, and it has a wonderful drape to it!! Also using different sized hooks gives it another dimension. I am looking forward to doing more with lace. Check out the other beautiful unique designs in this current issue.

Catch you soon tweakers,

love Cathy xx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pretty in Pink .... isn't she?

Hi everyone

I wanted to make a token gift for a friend at work who was celebrating her birthday!! She is very pretty, stylish and girlie, and loves animals. I couldn't decide! Then it came to me a girlie cake of course!!

The whole thing ...............

The front bit with the bow .............

The candle, with a bead or two!!!

The basic pattern was taken from Susan Penny (20 to make) 'Knitted Cakes'.
The book is excellent, very clever and is absolutely mouthwatering!!

Of course I had to tweak the pattern in my usual unique way!! Ha ha!!

  • instead of making 'piped' icing I used Sirdar funky fur
  • I crocheted the centre flower
  • used a pipe cleaner for the candle
  • I used stiffening for the edges (the kind used to stiffen peaked hats)
  • .... and I did stuff it - if you'll pardon the expression!!
  • ... and finished with a crocheted chain bow!!!
I didn't want to give it away, but I wanted to eat it!!! Is there something wrong with me huh!!!

Catch you soon tweakers,
love Cathy xxx

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Things can only get better!!

Hi everyone

Sorry for not being in touch. I have had problems with the pc, then the camera, but now all is well.

I have to say just how much I have missed blogging.

I finally finished 'Escape 2' in December, but I have done other projects as well, but were unable to provide the pictures, as some were gifts.

I really love this cardigan and would like to make it again sometime in other shades of Sirdar Escape.

I am eagerly awaiting the next issue of Knitonthenet. It should be out soon.

I have just finished work and have to get dinner ready so this one is short and sweet!! At least I know I can blog again!!!

See you soon
Keep tweakin the needles
love Cathy xx