Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pretty in Pink .... isn't she?

Hi everyone

I wanted to make a token gift for a friend at work who was celebrating her birthday!! She is very pretty, stylish and girlie, and loves animals. I couldn't decide! Then it came to me a girlie cake of course!!

The whole thing ...............

The front bit with the bow .............

The candle, with a bead or two!!!

The basic pattern was taken from Susan Penny (20 to make) 'Knitted Cakes'.
The book is excellent, very clever and is absolutely mouthwatering!!

Of course I had to tweak the pattern in my usual unique way!! Ha ha!!

  • instead of making 'piped' icing I used Sirdar funky fur
  • I crocheted the centre flower
  • used a pipe cleaner for the candle
  • I used stiffening for the edges (the kind used to stiffen peaked hats)
  • .... and I did stuff it - if you'll pardon the expression!!
  • ... and finished with a crocheted chain bow!!!
I didn't want to give it away, but I wanted to eat it!!! Is there something wrong with me huh!!!

Catch you soon tweakers,
love Cathy xxx

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