Friday, 28 December 2007

Festive fun and PURRfect CATastrophes ....

Hi fellow tweakers,

Hope you all had a fab time at the holidays, I spent time with family and we had a karaoke, it was total madness and laughter I would recommend it to liven things up!!

Father Christmas came and look what he brought .. 9ct gold charm bracelet.

From the top left anti clockwise theres a sweet, a bible, a bell, a piggy bank and a teddy bear.

I guess you have now realised that the photograghs are in the wrong place, I am in the library and only have a short time to blog. (I'd probably get it wrong if I tried all day but at least I'm getting better!!)
The knitting books are great as well by the way!!

As for the purrfect catastrophe, to cut a long story short my three cats left me exclusive personal presents in two bags of knitting, so they are now in the bin, and I am sad. Turns out the cat flap was jammed and they couldn't get out. It wasn't deliberate and I do still love them!!

The gorgeous green Anny Blatt project has gone, and a rose pink creation in Click which I loved has gone.

On the up side I feel that I can now buy new yarn- yeeha!! As David Essex sang ... ev'ry clouds gotta silver lining!!

Bye bye for now and enjoy the rest of the festive season.

All the very best for the New Year.

love Aruba xx

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Family time

Well I'm glad to say folks I have now finished work until Thursday 27th December. Work has been really busy and kinda stressful. Time to have quality time with my man and my kids. We have just been out for breakfast a real relaxer and catch up!!

On the knitting front to be honest I havent had much time. The scumble is progressing well dont want to jinx the proceedings by giving too much detail, as I am getting a real self made reputation as a regular frogger!!!

The green cardigan is still a work in progress the back and fronts are completed and I am on the first sleeve, its unlikely to be finished for Christmas Day as I still have lots to do beforehand. The Anny Blatt yarn I am using is pictured above, apologies for the photograph quality it certainly does not do justice to the actual colour, my photographic and IT skills are shocking!!!
Will catch up soon have a lovely peaceful time everyone xx

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Happy Birthday ...........

Happy Birthday, knitonthenet. What a fantastic year they have had, the mag just gets better, a real inspiratiion, and I consider it an honour to be able to contribute. Well done Gavin for his first patterns its great to have more fellas crafting.

Check out the Blanche pattern and the book review.

On the home knitting front the green cardigan is still on the needles, its looking good. The cape has been frogged - decided it was not for me!! It is being replaced by a scumble a kind of crochet abstract, freeform job, watch this space for photos. Its great fun to do!!!

Got to go in a rush as usual.

Catch u soon