Saturday, 29 September 2007

Flattered or not...

Have to tell you this one. On trying on a pair of new jeans this morn I asked my 12 year old son what they looked like. 'Well Mum they make your bum look big but they are ok they will do!!!

Progress at last..

Hi everybody

I've sorted out my frogging problems on the crochet cream cardi, I decided that the right front was 'wrong' frogged the little sod three times, only to find that the right side was right and the left side was wrong. Its now fixed and I'm on the sleeves and I will be very very glad to finish it!!!!!

Christmas Parcel (Ewe's my Stash!!!)
  • Ewe just need oddments of Twilleys Goldfingering, and a 3mm crochet hook
  • Make 23 ch and tr into 4th ch from hk, tr into each ch to end
  • Turn with 3ch and tr into each tr to end. Repeat this row to length required, keep folding work to give an idea of the finished square.
  • When you have your required length do not fasten off. Make 8 ch and join together with a ss. (This makes the hanging loop). Fasten off.
  • sew with a slip stitched edges tog leaving one end open to stuff (I used an old pair of black socks cut up) - recycle if you can!!
  • sew up remaining seam
  • using a contrast colour for the parcel tie, make a long chain, wrap round the parcel and tie to secure.

I have to confess I haven't had time to write out the others, but they will follow soon!!

I have bought a magazine which I haven't seen before 'Knitsimple Fall 2007' .

Its a Vogue one. Lovely patterns for mitts, legwarmers and tank tops. Just the things we need for the coming months, there are cute baby patterns and modular ones as well, a really good value mag!!

For all you crochet people I have found an excellent book, '201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths'.

I bought this when I stayed in York. It has techniques and ideas which I have never seen before, very clear instructions and beautifully illustrated. Ideal for 'Ewes my Stash' stuff.

I have to say folks that the telly recently has been really awful, bring back some wonderful dramas to knit to please.

On an excellent note St Helens 10 Leeds 8, don't want to go through that again it was a very brutal match and stressful to watch. Come on you Saints!!!

Catch u soon,

keep tweaking,

love Aruba Blue xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

A frogging I must go!!!

Hi Needle Tweakers,

Its been a while since my last blog, I have had a helluva cold!!! Felt really rough!! (Altogether now aaaaaah!!!!) So my crafting has suffered (pardon the pun) If I am too ill to knit and crochet then I'm ill!!

This morning I have had to frog a project. I was making a place setting in black and white and found the tension to bit a bit awry in one place, which made a line across the work. I think sometimes this happens when we are tired and the tension of our work alters. O hum such is life, its got to be all or nothing with me!!!

I have had another frogging problem, so to speak. The cream crochet cardigan I am making, the right front does not correspond with the left. This is probably because I have made this project before, got really complacent and not read the pattern properly!!!! So I am sorting that as well!!! 'Making mistakes makes us better crafters in the long run' says me.

I am still making the Christmas tree decorations which are coming on great.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What do you think? It's a beautiful day isn't it! Autumn is my favourite season!!

Patterns to follow on my next blog!!

Bye for now

love Aruba Blue xx

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Its never too early ..... honest!!

Hi needle tweakers,

I have been making things that are slightly alarming for this time of year. Using my 'Ewes my Stash' policy, I found some Twilleys goldfingering, and ...wait for it have been crafting some-ssshhhhh- Christmas Tree decorations. (That is inbetween making my current pair of socks!!!).

Every year I say to myself I will make some Christmas decs and never get round to it, so this year I'm ahead of myself!!! So far I have made a tree, a red bauble and a parcel all in crochet.

Also, I have bought some bamboo sock needles in sizes 4mm to 6mm, I have found a couple of aran weight sock patterns which I think would be fun. I got the needles from 'I knit London' they have a great selection.

Will hopefully post some more pictures soon, and a pattern or two.

Love Aruba Blue xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Might as well face it I'm addicted to socks ...................

Hi everyone

Well I have several projects yet to finish. Can't be bothered at the mo, so Ive started another pair of socks, using Opal yarn. This is great as it knits in self stripes, seeing as I cannot stand having cold feet they will be useful!!!!

Sad news about Anita Roddick, the lady made a difference. She was brilliant. Girls rock!!!

Finished reading my Julian Clary book twas good!! Have just finished reading the Christine Keeler story which is excellent, for anyone who's ever seen the film 'Scandal' this is the truth coming out. What a tangled web it was!!! ...and I thought my life was complex!!!

Bye for now

keep tweakin the needles
love Aruba Blue xx

Saturday, 8 September 2007

We have results ......................

Hi everyone I have some pics for you at last. First you have the honour of seeing an 'expert'(she says laughing) at work, moi crocheting the back of a cream cardigan.

Second one is a raspberry tea cosy the one I did from Laughing Hens, I had to add a couple of rows of crochet to the bottom as it wasnt quite deep enough.

Numero 3 is one sock, the other photographs came out kinda blurred and fuzzy, a bit like me after a few G and T's. The socks were done in fiberspates hand dyed 4 ply, absolutely wonderful to work with, and I cant wait to do more.

I have decided now to have a project called 'Ewe's my Stash', I have a lot of leftover yarn, some quite expensive, and some I have an attachment too!!!! So my first project was a camera cover in the fiberspates yarn I had left over from the socks.

Crochet really shows off the colours in the yarn, and my camera cover had gone awol, jobs a guddun!!!!
Well thats it for today folks, catch u soon.

love Aruba Blue xx

Saturday, 1 September 2007

'Can't get for going'!!!

This is a pic I found of Howarth the place I visited on my way back from York. It is an amazing shop, a real step back in time, with wonderful scenty, soapy, clean smells. As well as toiletries etc they had scrapbooks of the fifties sixties and seventies. I loved the seventies one best it was like a trip to Life on Mars!! A real nostalgia trip, my kids thought it was hilarious!!

Well, I had my day off and had a wonderful day with a friend, who I don't see very often as she lives quite a distance from me. We had coffee and shopped, we had lunch and shopped some more. Twas fun!!!!

When I came home I was faced with a problem which has dogged me ever since and I still haven't found a solution!!! I guess Blue is the right name for me at present.

So my crafting hasn't progressed very well. I have done more work on the remaining sock, and taken pictures - but I can't get them on my pc, being the technophobe I am, will have to carry on until I master it.

The photo below is the cot blanket I did for

Do you ever get days when you really want to move mountains with your crafting and find that you cant 'get for going' to quote an old saying. Well tomorrow is another day!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can suss out this camera thing and post some pics for you!! I will sign off friends and bid you goodnight!!!

Catch u soon
Love Aruba Blue xx