Saturday, 1 September 2007

'Can't get for going'!!!

This is a pic I found of Howarth the place I visited on my way back from York. It is an amazing shop, a real step back in time, with wonderful scenty, soapy, clean smells. As well as toiletries etc they had scrapbooks of the fifties sixties and seventies. I loved the seventies one best it was like a trip to Life on Mars!! A real nostalgia trip, my kids thought it was hilarious!!

Well, I had my day off and had a wonderful day with a friend, who I don't see very often as she lives quite a distance from me. We had coffee and shopped, we had lunch and shopped some more. Twas fun!!!!

When I came home I was faced with a problem which has dogged me ever since and I still haven't found a solution!!! I guess Blue is the right name for me at present.

So my crafting hasn't progressed very well. I have done more work on the remaining sock, and taken pictures - but I can't get them on my pc, being the technophobe I am, will have to carry on until I master it.

The photo below is the cot blanket I did for

Do you ever get days when you really want to move mountains with your crafting and find that you cant 'get for going' to quote an old saying. Well tomorrow is another day!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can suss out this camera thing and post some pics for you!! I will sign off friends and bid you goodnight!!!

Catch u soon
Love Aruba Blue xx

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Queen of the froggers said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. That shop looks amazing, I love places like that and could spend hours browsing. I know what you mean about not being able to get going on a craft, I need to do some of my shawl but it is daunting to start, easy when I get going though!