Saturday, 8 September 2007

We have results ......................

Hi everyone I have some pics for you at last. First you have the honour of seeing an 'expert'(she says laughing) at work, moi crocheting the back of a cream cardigan.

Second one is a raspberry tea cosy the one I did from Laughing Hens, I had to add a couple of rows of crochet to the bottom as it wasnt quite deep enough.

Numero 3 is one sock, the other photographs came out kinda blurred and fuzzy, a bit like me after a few G and T's. The socks were done in fiberspates hand dyed 4 ply, absolutely wonderful to work with, and I cant wait to do more.

I have decided now to have a project called 'Ewe's my Stash', I have a lot of leftover yarn, some quite expensive, and some I have an attachment too!!!! So my first project was a camera cover in the fiberspates yarn I had left over from the socks.

Crochet really shows off the colours in the yarn, and my camera cover had gone awol, jobs a guddun!!!!
Well thats it for today folks, catch u soon.

love Aruba Blue xx

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