Saturday, 15 September 2007

Its never too early ..... honest!!

Hi needle tweakers,

I have been making things that are slightly alarming for this time of year. Using my 'Ewes my Stash' policy, I found some Twilleys goldfingering, and ...wait for it have been crafting some-ssshhhhh- Christmas Tree decorations. (That is inbetween making my current pair of socks!!!).

Every year I say to myself I will make some Christmas decs and never get round to it, so this year I'm ahead of myself!!! So far I have made a tree, a red bauble and a parcel all in crochet.

Also, I have bought some bamboo sock needles in sizes 4mm to 6mm, I have found a couple of aran weight sock patterns which I think would be fun. I got the needles from 'I knit London' they have a great selection.

Will hopefully post some more pictures soon, and a pattern or two.

Love Aruba Blue xx

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