Thursday, 27 March 2008

Life is like a box of chocolates ......

Not much to report regarding completed projects. Look out for the next issue of 'knitonthenet' for that.

I have made a cuddly friend for my friends daughter, she's three and has a new baby brother, I made the shawl for him so I had to make something for her so that she doesn't feel too left out! Say hello to fat funky bird!!

Its made from an old knitting pattern for the bird shape and the eyes, I freeform crocheted the wings, tail and 'hair'. I partially filled it with beans so that it will stand up and I used traditional toy stuffing for the rest.

I have started to crochet a lace weight shrug and I will post about that when I have done enough to photograph.

So many things have happened recently. A close family member is very, very poorly and shes on my mind constantly. Its tearing me apart and I find it very difficult to concentrate on anything!!

To take my mind off things a little my lovely hubby took me shopping, to a craft store and a book shop. I got these:-

They will go perfectly with my neutral colour yarns!

I found some Jaeger Roma, it feels really lovely, can't wait to work with it. Its a blend of viscose, nylon and angora.

Talking of angora, the beautiful green I had, I cannot use. I started to itch within minutes of trying to crochet with it. I have given it to a knitting friend, she is delighted. I had better stay away from it in future the same can be said for mohair.

I also bought Doris Chan's 'Amazing Lace Crochet' its gorgeous. Full of beautiful inspirational projects.

Keep tweakin the needles love
Aruba Blue xx

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Have a lovely day all you hardworking Mums!!! I got a card each from my two teenage kids, and one from my husband 'to wife on mothers day', - secret- I can't believe he fell for that one bless him!!! I got Nickelback - All the right reasons CD. I am so chuffed. I saw them supporting Bon Jovi a couple of years ago and they are fantastic.

Meet Robert Anthony, (Well its a PLANT)!!!!
My other pressie its a Bromeliad - apparently. I just see a nice plant, green fingered I aint!

Buts its kinda cute dontya think?

Not much crafting getting done at the mo. I managed to fall at work and hurt my back, so last night I was resting. Feeling much better today, have to try and get something done!

Joined Ravellry a couple of days ago its a whole new world. As usual haven't a clue how it works technically, guess I'll get used to it. Fascinating though, all the beautiful pictures of yarn and projects, and people, and new ideas its a maze of stimulation for me.

Had another little delivery from Angel Yarns, Fiddlesticks Artisan NZ Merino yarn, one in Paua, one in Spice. Its lace weight.

Having had a sample I need to order more of each shade, tis gorgeous. I have visions of two shawls one to go with my autumn colour dresses and one for my neutrals. The stash is developing at a rate of knots recently, will have to stop for a while!!

... and finally a little light and a lot of love for Mums everywhere.

Keep tweakin

love Aruba Blue xx