Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Have a lovely day all you hardworking Mums!!! I got a card each from my two teenage kids, and one from my husband 'to wife on mothers day', - secret- I can't believe he fell for that one bless him!!! I got Nickelback - All the right reasons CD. I am so chuffed. I saw them supporting Bon Jovi a couple of years ago and they are fantastic.

Meet Robert Anthony, (Well its a PLANT)!!!!
My other pressie its a Bromeliad - apparently. I just see a nice plant, green fingered I aint!

Buts its kinda cute dontya think?

Not much crafting getting done at the mo. I managed to fall at work and hurt my back, so last night I was resting. Feeling much better today, have to try and get something done!

Joined Ravellry a couple of days ago its a whole new world. As usual haven't a clue how it works technically, guess I'll get used to it. Fascinating though, all the beautiful pictures of yarn and projects, and people, and new ideas its a maze of stimulation for me.

Had another little delivery from Angel Yarns, Fiddlesticks Artisan NZ Merino yarn, one in Paua, one in Spice. Its lace weight.

Having had a sample I need to order more of each shade, tis gorgeous. I have visions of two shawls one to go with my autumn colour dresses and one for my neutrals. The stash is developing at a rate of knots recently, will have to stop for a while!!

... and finally a little light and a lot of love for Mums everywhere.

Keep tweakin

love Aruba Blue xx

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