Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Freshers Week

Hi fellow tweakers,

I got through my first week at Uni!!!! Yay!!!! I am totally inspired, impressed and raring to go!! I have met new friends and joined a couple of societies - as you do!! Yesterday we had our first lecture, the old grey matter is starting to circulate a bit.

I am still working on a few things in the creative sector as it were! The 'Autumn Berries' cushion cover is nearly finished. I've started an aran jumper for my lovely Steve in a gorgeous deep red, I will photograph it when I have done a substantial amount. Starting off in the pattern was really strange, had to frog a couple of times just couldn't get it right. It's yonks since I knit aran! In my previous blogs I mentioned the Sirdar Blur in green I had bought so I made a little something!!!!

I have a friend Chloe who has just gone to University in Aberystwyth, Wales, to study 'genetics' I thought she might need a companion to sit by her pc as she worked, check out 'Bobbie Bacteria', he's made mainly in Blur with a couple of scraps for other bits!! He is a very simple amigurumi shape, I've put polyester beads in the bottom to make him stand up properly but he does tend to be a bit of a rogue still!!

I am working on other ideas and have loads to do at present, will keep ewe posted!!!

love Cathy x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Every ones a fluffy one .....

Hi fellow tweakers,

This is 'Fluffy Dennis', all finished - not frogged, for a change lol. It seemed to take ages to make but it certainly kept my legs warm, hope my young Emo friend is pleased with it. It came out much longer than I anticipated, it should look fab with leggings.

Today I have gotten rid of my red locks and had loads of blonde hilights put in. Will have to change my blog picture - watch this space!!

I am toying with the idea of what to do with some Sirdar Blur I have in my stash. Its a lovely green colour. Have been playing around with it but havent quite decided what to make. I have to say though it is a beast to undo!!! - wish me luck!!!

Catch ewe soon
keep tweaking
love Cathy x