Friday, 21 August 2009

... and there's more!!

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in my last blog photos of the white version of Sheara!! The only difference is the knitting sample, on this one it is plain and on the
other its cabled.

Meet 'The Wise Lady', mistress of all she surveys, checking out one of our many bookcases.
She is a gift for a young lady at work who celebrates her 21st this month. Happy Birthday Laurel!!

Laurel asked for a 'seventies' owl. I decided to make a french punk girl!! She has random safety pins and buttons on her jacket, and a little on her beret!!

Ooh la la indeed!!

Blue Moon Jumper is finished!!
The pattern is an old Tivoli one I found in my stash. It's very warm and ultra comfy!!

The details do not show up very well as the yarn is varigated, I used Sirdar Denim dk.

The close up of the neck is a little better.

I have taken a photo of Tropicana, a jumper I finished a couple of months ago. Made in Snuggly Bubbly baby yarn with the odd dk stripe out of my stash. I used a standard dk plain pattern, (of which I cannot remember the exact one I used!!! ) Then I jazzed it up made the v neck deeper, its a modern take on an eighties dropped sleeve.
The v neck
is crocheted!
Just a strip of dc(sc) made slightly longer than the v neck so that it will overlap.

I really need to make more notes as I work; I rely too much on memory, which sometimes has the capacity of a sieve. I forget which pattern, which variation, which needle. A lesson learned as I really like this jumper and would have loved to do another, without necessarily starting again from scratch!!!

Well thats all for today fellow tweakers, keep at it.

Love Cathy xx

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