Monday, 17 August 2009

Back on the radar .....

Well hello there - I'm back,

I lost my camera a few months ago - hence no blogging!! I have a feeling it is in my home somewhere, so eventually it will turn up. I have since changed my phone and it has a pretty decent camera on it so the girl is back!!

I have done a lot of knitting and crochet in that time and have managed to capture some of the items.

This is 'Sheara the Sheep'..

This is my own design isn't she cute!!
I have also made a white sheep, photo to follow soon.

This is fiddly to make but very rewarding!!

I am quite proud of this one!!

My original 'Sheara' was knitted and crocheted, but this is all knitted!!

I have also made this ....
Lucy Ladybird, for a friend at work!!
This is all crocheted. Using kidsilk night and plain black yarn with a little beading on the top.

When I looked at photos of
ladybirds, it said that all
ladybirds have an odd
number of spots, so she

When making amigurumi I like to give them a quirky look
hence the huge eyes!!

This is Blue Moon jumper still in progress, I am on the second sleeve as we speak ..

This is a simple v neck, 3/4 sleeve. The back is all double moss st and the sleeves and front have a cable and a slight 'aran' feel to them.
I thought it necessary to start my winter woolies!!

Bye for now
Cathy x

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