Monday, 4 February 2008

Meet Martha ..

The Martha scumble jacket is finally finished. Stayed up till 1am this morning. Watched most of the film Million Dollar Baby had to turn it off it was too depressing for crochet!!

Apologies for the photo quality I really need to adjust the settings on my camera and haven't got a clue what I'm doing. (I have lost the instruction leaflet, doh!!!!) I have spent ages today trying to sort it out. I am getting really frustrated with it. Feel like I've been banging my head in a brick wall!! Fantastic detailed photos came out but they were ORANGE!!!

I will try to get some decent pictures for the next blog, there is so much detail in the design that NEEDS to be shown.

It was made with Sirdar Aran with wool and a 4.50mm hook. It took around 900gms.
I did a bit of beading on it last night just to accentuate the curved shape a little. I couldn't find the fastening I wanted so I have used a sock length dpn, it works though!!

I have done small scumble samples before but never on a scale like this. Would definitely do another one. Its very addictive, once you start as you can make any stitch or combinations of stitches in any direction you choose!!

I have worn it today and had positive feedback from colleagues. It's very warm to wear!!

Catch u soon

Love Aruba xx

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Just call me Ruby said...

looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the detailed shots.