Friday, 25 July 2008

Holidays are coming ..

Hi fellow tweakers, well I am delighted to say that I am going on holiday tomorrow!!! Yeeha!!! So I will be out of touch with the www for one week. I am going to North Wales in a caravan, with my hubby, my kids and a friend of my daughter.

I have spent the last two days sorting out washing, drying and ironing you forget what a pain it is to pack!! Almost done, apart from footwear I am glad to say. If we haven't got it sorted now then it is tough!

One of the hardest things to pack was my knitting/crochet to take with me. I finally decided on a little open knitted wrap I have started in 3ply green, (this could end up frogged and a little crochet wrap instead) and enough kit to do a couple of amigurumi should the mood arise!!

My daughter's friend wants me to teach her how to crochet while we are away which I am delighted to do. I feel its an honour to be able to PASS IT ON!!

The last couple of days of crafting has been very indecisive (that's not like me at all lol, it was a case of start-frog, start-frog!! I have however made a little friend for a little friend, she was born last year - the Chinese year of the pig, and her mother loves pigs, this is just an ornamental pig for her nursery. Little Edith this one's for you ..

Meet Mama Pig!

Mama's side view

Mama's front view

Mama's back view, look at the curl in that

Do you think this hat will be suitable for the WI meeting next week folks!!

Well I'll have to sign off now I need to get some shut eye!!

Catch u all in a week!!

keep tweakin'

love Cathy x

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