Saturday, 2 August 2008

A welsh tale ..

We had a lovely break, the weekend weather was great, hot and sunny!!

Nick and Jess on the beach!!

Then this happened ..

Heather, on the beach in lots of rain!! We had intermittent heavy sunshowers for the rest of the week! All plans for sunny days out were scuppered.

We did manage a trip to Portmeirion were the series 'The Prisoner' was filmed. The weather was very wet and windy and cold. It is a beautiful Italian style village, on a clear day its gorgeous. On
a wet day its like this ...

A cute little visitor
came to see us
when we went
for coffee!!!

Sunset on the sea in North Wales - gorgeous!

I made four amigurumi friends while I was away, will get photo's soon. The change in weather reminds me to make warm and cosy things for the coming months ahead.

Bye for now Cathy x

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Just call me Ruby said...

so sorry the weather wasn't kind, and yet that sunset couldn't be bettered.