Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Ingredients: 4 x 50gm Anny Blatt Cachemir Anny in Boise
4.50mm (G/6) hook

Tension: Not essential. Try to keep work even throughout. This yarn does drape well and has a slight stretch to it.

Sizing: This is made to fit a 38-40 chest. (to fit this size rectangle should measure 24"w x 27"l)

Method: With 4.5mm (G/6) hook make 106 ch. (This pattern is made up of a multiple of 5 sts + 6).

1st row: Work 1tr, 2ch, 1tr (1dc 2ch 1dc) into 8th ch from hook. *3ch, miss 4ch, wk 1tr, 2ch, 1tr (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) into next ch; rep from * to last 3ch, 2ch 1tr (2ch, 1dc) into last ch, turn

2nd row: 4ch (count as 1dtr tr) miss first 2ch sp, work 5dtr
(tr) into next ch sp *miss 3ch sp, wk 5dtr (tr) into next 2ch sp, rep from * to last sp, miss 2 ch 1dtr (tr) into next ch, turn

3rd row:5ch (count as 1tr, 2ch), (1dc, 2ch) miss first 3dtr (tr) into next dtr (tr) wk (1tr, 2ch, 1tr)
(1dc, 2ch, 1dc) *3ch miss 4dtr (tr), into next dtr (tr) wk (1tr, 2ch, 1tr) (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) rep from* to last 3dtr (tr) 2ch, 1tr (dc) into 4th of 4ch at beg of previous row, turn.

Rep 2nd and 3rd rows until 27" (or length required) has been worked. Fasten off (Bind off).

Making up: Fold rectangle of fabric, cast on and cast off edges should be together with fold opposite. From folded edge leave 7" open (or length required for armhole) and stitch at each side, to form the sides.

Outer Edging: Starting were you want the middle of the collar to be: (you will be working in rounds!)

Wk 1 row tr (dc) evenly around outer edge, join with a ss to first st.
Wk another row of tr (dc) join with ss as before.
Continuing working in 'rounds' wk 1 row in htr (hdc), 1 row in dtr (tr), 1 row in tr (dc) finishing off with 1 row htr (hdc), cast off, (bind off).

Darn in all loose threads.

Aruba Blue Notes:
This pattern was originally not intended for publishing. This is a guide only using a traditional stitched rectangle and a simple edging. Have fun!!x

See y'all soon
Cathy x


Just call me Ruby said...

Thank you for the free pattern. I'ld certainly like to give this a go when I get the chance (or maybe someone might make me one!!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome shrug! I love the open feel of it and the collar is the icing on the cake! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect pattern. Simple but the collar dresses it up easily. I have a wedding to go to in a week & I have the perfect yarn for this. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Is there a photo available for this pattern? Someone on Crochetville just recommended it to me since I'm looking for a shrug pattern. It sounds beautiful! Thank you for posting it. I would love to see a photo if one is available.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Only half finished and already loving it. You might think it's a simple pattern that shouldn't need to be written however sometimes all someone needs is a little help with ideas. Simply elegant pattern. Thank you for your contribution. It means a great deal to us less fortunate in the creative area.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand the last psrt of row one. You tr into the last chain you just did?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the pattern, it's lovely. Would you tell me what yarn you used . It looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the free pattern..

Susans Soul Shines said...

Catherine, Hi! FYI, you won't get those ridiculous anonymous comments showing up on here if you set up your comment section where you must first approve any comment before it shows on you site!


Susan's Soul Shines said...

I got my pic of the beautiful shrug from Share A Pattern, search under crochet, but they're not easy to find sometimes. I'd post it here but I don't see a way to do
that. I like it better than any I've seen tho! :)

Susan's Soul Shines said...

Hi Barbara Shewbridge - this was at the very top of her pattern page, you must have missed it.

Ingredients: 4 x 50gm Anny Blatt Cachemir Anny in Boise
4.50mm (G/6) hook

My question to Catherine Wilson: What is what weight of this yarn? I searched and found a lot of Anny Blatt yarns, but none that says exactly the kind you listed, nor did I see the weights of any. I might have to substitute, but I'd like to get the same weight as you did. I don't want to add any bulk with the yarn and I usually use 2 ply, sometimes 3 ply, for garments. Thx for the lovely pattern an any help you can give us on the yarn weight! I'll check back soon, would love to have one ready for the fall and I have a lot going on (don't we all tho?!)susan

Unknown said...

How do you make this bigger? I am new to crochet and have a 46 inch chest. I LOVE the shawl!

Anonymous said...

Nadine Melchior, to make it a bigger size, increase the starting chain with a multiple of the stitches used in the repeat of the pattern

Unknown said...

I am looking to make this pattern for my cousin for Christmas. I was going to use hobby lobby yarn with is a 4 weight. Is that the similar to the yarn you used? I'm not familiar with the kind that you used here. I really like this pattern though. If I was going to make it for someone who was a chest size 50?, how much bigger would you recommend that I make it? I am relatively new a crocheting this type of project. I normally stick to hats! Simple and easy.

Jan said...

Did Jessica get a response? I can't see it, but. I'd like to know how to expand this pattern to fit a 4X. Could you help? Thanks, Jan

Jan said...

oh sorry, i see you responded to nadine, multipul's - thanks

Unknown said...

Where does one find Anny Blatt yarn? Store? Website? I only see random types on eBay, whee can I find this particular yarn? Thanks!

Janie Hernandez said...

The shrug is beautiful. I don’t understand why some numbers are in red. Do the trebles go in the same stitch as the double crochets?

Pixin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pixin said...

Janie Hernandez, the numbers in red are the instructions in US english. They have different names on either side of the Atlantic for the same stitches. So what is a treble (tr) in the UK is a double crochet stitch (dc) in the US. Hope this helped.

Anonymous said...


Here you will find the information:

Sport Weight - fine 2 (12 wpi)
145 yards
50 gram
Gauge 4”
Crochet hook size 4mm

Hope this helps!
Debbie from Canada