Thursday, 26 June 2008


Free DAZZLE knitting pattern! A very easy, quick to knit, little number, to use for balmy summer evenings, to go with that pretty dress and strappy shoes!! (The photos do not do it justice - it really catches the light and is very sparkly).

1 x 50gm Stylecraft Eskimo Icicle in Polar
1 x 100gm Patons DK cotton in white
Pair of 3.75mm needles
Pair of 3.25 DPN's for I cord

Tension: not critical keep work even throughout.

Front and back make two alike.
With icicle and 3.75mm needles cast on 40sts. Work 5" (12.5cm) in garter stitch, break off icicle.
Join in cotton for top edge and work in moss stitch (k1,p1 to end of row, on the next row p1, k1 to end of row, these two rows form pattern) for 4 rows cast off in pattern.

Using 3.75mm needles and cotton yarn used double cast on 40sts, work in 1 x 1 rib, for 12 rows. Cast off (bind off).

With 2, 3.25 dpns cast on 3sts and work an I cord for 13" cast off (bind off)

To make up
Join the base to the front and back panels like this: With right sides tog join long end of base to front/back panel with back stitch.
Joining sides: With right sides of work tog join in back stitch from the moss st top for
4.5" (11.5cm). Push the remaining unstitched edge against the side of the base. (This forms a T shape. Back stitch the remaining seam. Repeat for other side.
Stitch handle to each side of bag.
Using a length of cotton doubled, thread a needle and work a row of running stitches evenly along the moss st top of the bag. Tie with a bow.

To complete get your gladrags on and party!!!

Hope you like this one, catch u all soon,
Keep tweaking,
love Cathy x

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