Sunday, 8 June 2008

Born in the USA ... played at Old Trafford

Well I have to say I haven't got much to report on the crafting front, well I have, but I cant reveal anything!! I have been working on projects - and if I tell you I will have to kill you!! Ha ha!! They are new designs and all will be revealed eventually!!

On the social front I went to see THE BOSS on the 28th May at Old Trafford. Being at a footy stadium does nothing for me as it is the wrong shaped ball that is played with!!

However the man is AWESOME!! The E Street band are fantastic too!! It was encouraging to see that there were a lot of mature people at the gig!!!

I would go to see him again, no problem!! I took my hubby as it is a special birthday for him this month!! He is the real deal when it comes to fans of Springsteen!! I didn't know some of his songs but I am learning fast now!!!
We were very lucky to get any tickets. I had booked and paid for Gold tickets last year. The company I booked with have since gone into liquidation. We ended up with ordinary tickets, but at least we got there!!

The worrying thing is I have booked tickets to see the other boys from New Jersey (Bon Jovi) later this month with the same company, and I won't know until a few days before the gig if I will receive any tickets or not!!! Its just not fair!!

Just have to hope for the best!!! Well done Bruce a superb night!!

Keep on needle tweaking and I will continue my secret mission. Daniel Craig eat your heart out.

lots of love Cathy x

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