Friday, 31 October 2008

Life is never just black and white!

Hi everyone, I'm back,

Still unpacking, house is lovely, feeling all settled in now!! Currently doing secret things with yarn. All will be revealed soon!!

I have done a couple of projects lately which I can show, this is one .. Jessie's chullo!!

The picture isn't very clear, due to the black hat and my lovely daughters black hair. She is usually reluctant to wear anything which is knitted, because she relates it to images of old ladies and old fashioned things!!
Guess what - SHE LOVES THIS - yeeha, result!!! This was made from Sirdar bonus chunky, on 4mm needles, and the pattern was due to a kind, sharing person on ravelry!!

As we are experiencing the credit crunch I found this Sirdar Zanzibar yarn in a sale!! It was around a quarter of the original price and I bought a few balls of blue and red. I made one scarf on 8mm needles and plain garter stitch. I need to decide what to do with the rest. I have sensitive skin and find it almost impossible to wear 'hairy yarn', this is very soft and light, and suits me. I have to mention that if mistakes are made using this yarn - it is a beast to undo!!

I am still working on my cardigan using Sirdar Escape, I have finished the back and the fronts, it's an easy pattern, but time consuming I aim to finish it after the secret work!!

I can't wait for the next issue of knitonthenet and of course the new book, by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller, ' A Stitch In Time', both due out soon.
In the meantime I have work to do!!
Catch u soon, needle tweakers,
love Cathy x

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