Saturday, 27 September 2008

Four more sleeps to go....

Hi everyone,
Well four more sleeps to go, to the 'move', I'm stressed, excited, energised, exhausted. You name it, I feel it. Still a lot of work to do, this will be my last blog for about a week I guess!

Took some pictures of my garden before I leave ...

The first picture of my passion flower is very sentimental. I lost my friend Mavis just over four years ago. She was a Minister and she was going to perform our wedding ceremony, she sadly died of cancer a couple of months before my wedding. She showed me the passion flowers in her garden, so I got one. I am leaving this it has grown so well it would be criminal to try and move it.

I haven't a clue what this one is I am no gardener but luckily my in-laws are!

Meet Clementine!!

This is made from 3 1oz balls of the Patons and Baldwins vintage stuff I mentioned in the last blog, done on a 3.50 and 2.50 hook it has come out really well.

I stuffed the button with a little scrap yarn, to bulk it up, together with an ordinary button. I am told that years ago home made crochet and knitted buttons were stuffed with scrap yarn, in case the garment was in need of repair or alteration later, wartime meant frugal days indeed!!
This is a closer look at my pattern:

It is a very simple filet lace one, I didn't want anything too thick.

Got to go now still loads to do.
Happy crafting tweakers, will broadcast soon from the new house.
Take care
love Cathy xx

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