Saturday, 8 November 2008

Another completed scumble!!

Hi fellow needle tweakers

At long last I have finished my latest scumble - Orange Sorbet!! This one has been a lot of work and admittedly I haven't always been in the mood to make it. Made with 4ply on a 3mm hook it didn't 'grow' very fast. But see the results for yourself ..

..and now for the close ups ..

Unfortunately my photographic skills have still to improve, but at least you get an idea of some of the design.

Check out for crochet this issue, (issue 7). I am patiently waiting for the book 'A Stitch in Time' by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller due out soon!!

At the moment I am making myself a scarf, hat and mitts, (I am just coming round from a viral infection and I have had shocking earache in both ears, need to wrap up methinks!!). I am using Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in Golden Sand.

At the mo I am making the scarf edging. The scarf is knitted but I haven't decided on the mitts and hat yet! The scarf is worked on 6mm needles. The yarn is just lush, it's beautiful!! I will call my set Butterscotch, half the fun of crafting to me is deciding on a name for my creations!!

... and finally a little close up of the flowers my wonderful man has bought me when I was suffering!!!!

Catch you all soon
love Cathy xx

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Cheryl Spieth Gardiner said...

Hi Cathy, I am in awe. I love asymetric design and this works well. Is it a shawl or a fun little sweater? I made something similar, it is even a corally orange like yours, but with a pattern that I revised a bit -- yours is more fun! I love the scrumble idea! It seems that every time I try it, I wind up with something closed in and tight. Your piece is open and airy, really fun! Congratulations on finishing this lovely piece!